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About IzzyMo Fitness

At IzzyMo Fitness, our holistic approach focuses on changing the body from the inside out

At IzzyMo Fitness, our holistic approach focuses on changing the body from the inside out.
We believe once the inner-self improves, the exterior transformation will occur. Unlike many fitness companies, we gauge success differently. Upon signing, clients are asked to provide something we like to call “confidence captures.” Confidence captures are pictures capturing a moment or phase of life when the client felt the most confident and happy. Instead of focusing on returning to a specific physical state, we work to recreate that same confidence again (or better) in their current stage of life.

Personal Bio

Greetings! I’m Isaure Elizabeth, the founder of IzzyMo Fitness & Nutrition. I have been involved in various sports since age seven and became most dominant in track and field. I later was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy in 2007 after a weightlifting incident led to muscle tissue breaking down and entering the bloodstream. I struggled with depression and seizures until 2012 and quit my job to move home and focus on my health and well-being.

After participating in a study on the effects of a ketogenic diet and exercise, my passion for fitness reignited, and I began training for body building shows. I received my Pro Card in 2016 and became a trainer for the Epilepsy Foundation’s Get Fit program. My love for fitness and nutrition stems from their desire to thrive, not just survive, and I urge everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.

Have you heard of Kintsugi?

The Japanese art of Kintsugi (golden joinery), also known as Kintsukuroi (golden repair) is a process of repairing ceramics with gold, leaving a golden seam where the cracks once were. At IzzyMo Fitness, we challenge clients to use this metaphor of embracing your flaws and imperfections and view them as the things that make you unique and special.

Our objective is never to CHANGE anyone, but to make improvements. Instead of focusing on all the things you can’t do, we highlight the things you CAN and, together, build a program from there.

The IzzyMo Method

The IzzyMo Method is summarized in a few words. Moving with Purpose! We start with the fundamentals (core strengthening, balance, and posture). These are not only fundamental within the gym, but in all of life. Knowing what centers you and brings about balance vs what triggers you and sets you back are keys to success.

Within the exercise sessions, a wide range of training techniques are used such as resistance training, mobility and functional training, both high intensity and low intensity training, and Pilates. Various recovery services are offered as well.

Though clients will be pushed, IzzyMo’s training staff aim to create a positive, uplifting experience for each individual by offering modifications and advancements where needed so every individual gets the most out of their time.

Isaure Moorehead - Owner Of IzzyMo Fitness and Nutrition And Ace Certified and NFF, GBP Beachbody Pro

Isaure Moorehead


ACE Certified & NFF/GBP Beachbody Pro.

Ever since the age of 7, I’ve been involved in various sports; however, I found myself most dominant in track and field. Although I did not pursue sports in college, I maintained an extremely active lifestyle and could always be found running around campus or in the gym throwing around the weights like the best of them.

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DR. ASHLEY DEVERS - Dietician at IzzyMo Fitness and Nutrition

Dr. Ashley Devers, DC, MS, CCSP


Dr. Ashley Devers places great value and purpose in her ability to help each patient establish healthy goals and watch them transition from a life filled with disease to a life of freedom and health.

Dr. LaTashia Irving, MD

Board-Certified Physician

Dr. LaTashia Irving offers exceptional care to patients of all ages, including home & telemedicine visits, hormone balancing for men and women, and more. She values her patients’ time and enjoys establishing a true relationship with them.

Coach Lauren Smith - Fitness Coach at IzzyMo Fitness and Nutrition

Coach L

Fitness Coach

Coach Lauren Smith has absorbed a wealth of knowledge through research, educational programs, mentorships and personal experience over the years. She strives to help clients reach their goals by keeping them excited about working out, eating clean, mental health, and everything else that keeps them living healthy to improve your quality of life!

Dr. Tony Baker - Member of IzzyMo Fitness and Nutrition Team

Dr. Tony Branker

Bio Coming Soon.

Our mission is to empower individuals to build healthy lifestyles. We provide the tools needed to create a strong mental and physical state and heightened self-esteem. We also offer behavior change coaching to continue their growth with or without our guidance.

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