I've never really worked out in a gym consistently. When I first started working with Izzy, the idea of being in a gym working out by myself was intimidating. I thought people would be looking and me and wondering why I, an out of shape person, was in their way and using their machines. But virtual training with Izzy instilled in me much needed self-confidence regarding both my physical ability and familiarity with the gym. Now I workout in a gym several days a week and feel configdent that I belong.


  • Izzy...I lost a whole shoe size. How is that even possible?!

  • Amazing trainer and a even better motivator. If you want real results and someone that won't let u fail to meet your goal. Look no more "IZZYMO"

    Ryan S.

When I moved to Houstan I was on the hunt for a good trainer. I am CRNA and I needed to build my upper strength to performs skills at work. Thank goodness I found Izzy! She has been training for me over a year now I am so greatful. She has helped me gain strength, endurance and stamina. I am in my 30s and in the best shape of my life. She makes me feel very comfortable and we set realistic fitness goals for me. I am much stronger at work and able to perform intuabtions on larger patients!

Zahra T.

  • A genuine Thanks to Izzy! She was freaking amazing...truly the right representation of a personal trainer!

    Micheal A.

  • "I haven't felt those muscles work since my C-Section!"


In 2021 I got engaged and was determined to be in my best shape by my wedding. I told Izzy that my goal was to get back to my pre baby weight by December of 2022. I told her that though I wanted to get in shape and didn't want to have to sacrifice enjoying my life. I told her about how much I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also informed her that I had several trips to go on throughout the year. I love eating and drinking while be social, so I needed a plan that allowed me to do so without feeling I couldn't have a life. Isaure understood my goals and struggles. She stayed by my side wach step of the way and celebrated even my smallest victories. She not only was there for my physical gains, but supported me mentally and emotionally as well. She challenged me but also left room for grace. I completely surpassed my goal for the year and feel more confident about my body today than I did before having my son. Not only is she an amazing trainer, she is an amazing friend. She embodies the joy of fitness/health and her energy is contagious! Thank you for not giving up on me and helping me to love my body again.


  • "I used to only be able to jump on the trampoline for 1 min, now I can do 5min!"


  • Listen!!!!!My legs, lower back, inner thighs all hurt. Smdh. How u do that on a computer screen? How do u make me hurt like this?? Lord. And now u want me to give u 25 more calories. Ok. I'll try tomorrow


I worked with Izzy for 3 months. It changed my life. I had never worked out with a trainer before and there was a lot that I "thought" I couldn't do. She worked with me, challenged me, and showed me that I can do A LOT more than I think I can. She's awesome. If you are a larger person looking to get in shape, she's your best bet.

Ashley C.

  • I reached the last hole in my belt loop *comfortably. I pulled on it and I was like wait a minute, there's some extra slack here lol.


  • "My physical therapist asked what I have been doing to make my walking improve so much, I told him my home therapist is a miracle worker"


Izzy is hands down the best personal trainer I've worked with! She knows exactly what my body needed to get in shape and is amazing at switching up the workouts and making sure we're always doing something different! Also love how flexible she is, my schedule is always changing and she's always willing to work with me on that! Most of all she made me realize I can do so much more and am so much stronger than I think I am!

Mallory P.

  • "Thank you for your help! I'm down 5lbs since tracking macros"


  • Izzy is by far the best thing that could have ever happened to me! I'm not one to push myself when it comes to working out and I can definitely be lazy. But Izzy pushed me and challenged me in every positive way you would want a trainer to do. She completely transformed my body and I have never felt my best self till after her. Thanks for EVERYTHING you've done for me Izzy!!

    Kailee M.

  • "Izzy...I lost a whole shoe size. How is that even possible?!"


  • Izzy Mo is great! Thank you for everything!!!

    Trey C.

  • Izzy is awesome! I started working out with her in June and my husband in July. She is one of the best trainers I've used. She is always coming up with new workouts and I have not repeated a workout in my two months. I didn't know there were so many muscles in my arm and back that I had never targeted individually. She comes up with a meal plan and monitors your progress monthly at a minimum or whatever you ask. She is very knowledgeable and she cares about clients.

    Gwen J.

  • Hey sweetie, the stretching exercises worked, I was able to get some rest last night. Thank you! I'm going to do the exercises you recorded for me to do. I'll let you know how it goes


  • "I'm more so proud of my strength. Especially on my right side...After my 2nd brain surgery...that side was a bit weak."


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